Top Inflatable Fishing Boats of 2016

Sevylor Fish Hunter 4
Coleman Fish Hunter 4
Coleman Fish Hunter 6
Sevylor Fish Hunter 4
Coleman Fish Hunter 4
Coleman Fish Hunter 6
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Top 3 Models Available In 2016

Top 3 Inflatable Fishing Boats

When the days get longer and the sun grows hotter, one of the most popular summer activities is hitting the water for a day of fishing or recreation on the water. If you live in an apartment or small house, you may not have the room to store a large boat. For you, an inflatable boat might be an excellent alternative. This review can help you decide which boat is right for your needs so you can take the guesswork out of your investment and get to the nearest lake as quickly as possible. The three inflatable fishing boats up for comparison today are the Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 4-Person Boat, the Coleman Fish-Hunter (TM) 4-Person Fishing Boat, and the Coleman Fish Hunter 6-Person Boat.


The prices for each boat were pulled directly from and are as follows:

Sevylor Fish Hunter: $130.87
Coleman 4-Person: $144.21
Coleman 6-Person: $218.99

All three inflatable fishing boats include free standard shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay.


Each boat has a number of unique features to fit your recreational needs. This section contains a description of each boat, and a comparison of those features.

Sevylor Fish Hunter

This boat is made of 30-gauge PVC and draws its stability from two tunnel chambers when on the water. There are drain plugs in the floor to keep the interior of the boat dry, and a grab line and built-in handles for easy carrying. It features two inflatable, removable seats, two fishing rod holders, chafing pads, four swivel oarlocks, and a gear bag. When inflated, it measures 9′ 1″ by 4′ 8′, and is designed to hold four people and up to 700 pounds. It can also support an outboard motor up to 2.5 hp. The boat is brown with a yellow ring around the interior and a visible yellow logo on the front, and comes with a 90 day warranty. Oars are included, but the air pump is not.

Coleman 4-Person

This boat is made of 30-gauge PVC and protected by an Airtight system to avoid leaks and keep your boat afloat even if one of the chambers is punctured. It features a grab line and built-in for easy carrying. The boat is outfitted with fishing rod holders, a gear pouch, chafing pads, a protective battery bag, and two built-in inflatable seats. It measures 8′ 6″ x 4′ 2″ when inflated and is certified to hold 4 people and up to 700 pounds. It can support an outboard motor up to 4 hp. The boat is blue with a grey interior and an orange Sevylor logo on the front. Oars and air pump not included.

Coleman 6-Person

The boat is made of 32-gauge PVC and has an Airtight system to keep water out and keep chambers inflated even if one is punctured. The boat inflates to 12′ and features two built-in inflatable seats, oar holders, chafing pads, and an optional mount for a 2.5 hp motor. It seats up to six people and is designed to hold 700 pounds. It is blue with a grey interior and an orange Sevylor logo on the front, and does not include oars or an air pump.


All three boats hold up to 700 pounds, but the main difference is in the size and capacity. If you are looking for a large boat, the Coleman 6-Person is the largest by 3 feet. The Sevylor Fish Hunter and the Coleman 4-Person are comparable, but the Coleman has an extra 6 inches of space, which may make a difference for those who bring a lot of gear or need the extra space to fish.

If you are looking to add a motor to your product, all three boats feature built-in mount fittings. The Coleman 4-Person can handle a motor up to 4 HP, while the other two are designed for a motor of 2.5 hp. If the size of the motor is important to you, or you intend to travel longer distances, this could be a factor for you.

None of these inflatable fishing boats come with oars or an air pump, so you should prepare for the extra expense accordingly.


All three boats are top-quality boats from a highly-rated company, so you know you are getting a good product regardless of which one you buy. Sevylor has been manufacturing quality inflatable products since their beginnings in post-WWII France, and affiliated themselves in 2008 with the Coleman Company, known for their outdoor products world-wide. These two key names mean a quality inflatable boat no matter which one you choose.

The boats themselves are all of high-quality PVC. The Coleman 6-Person is made of a slightly higher-quality PVC, because it is a 32 gauge. The other two are made of 30-gauge PVC, which is only slightly less.

The two Coleman boats also advertise an Airlock system that can save your boat in the event of punctures, keeping you from being stranded on the water. If you are likely to boat somewhere with rocks or where tree branches are likely to be in the water, this may be something you want to keep in mind as well.


Nothing is more valuable when deciding between two boats than the opinions of real people. This representative sample from Amazon takes the hassle of sorting through what others have said out of your hands.

Amazon’s users rank products through a star system, with five being the best and one being the worst. The reviews for the boats are as follows:

Sevylor Fish Hunter: 3 Stars (32 customer reviews)
Coleman 4-Person: 4.5 Stars (5 customer reviews)
Coleman 6-Person: 4 Stars (54 customer reviews)

Customers had the following thoughts about each boat:

Sevylor Fish Hunter

Read More Inflatable Boats Reviews“Great inflatable boat! I run it in the ocean and it does very well!” -Chevy (5 stars)
“Not sure how you’re supposed to fit four people in it.” -Darlene (2 stars)
“This was a good deal and fast.” -Steve (5 stars)

“Takes maybe three minutes to inflate and deflate- Very convenient! The perfect size for two.”Kristin (5 stars)

“Third season with this boat and it’s held up great!” – Review Nation (5 stars)

Most of the comments on this boat are related to the size rather than the quality, especially those in the negative category. The general review is that it fits two adults comfortably with gear, but would be very difficult to fit four people into. Most reviewers also agree it is a good value for the price, and very few reported problems such as holes, leaks, or issues of quality. It is often referred to as “a good boat for the price you pay” and a few commented on the easy of storage, making it ideal for those with little storage space or who are looking for something small to take on camping or fishing trips.

Coleman 4-Person

Read More Inflatable Boats Reviews“Love it.” -Joe (5 stars)
“Great boat. We loved it and never felt like it was going to tip over. You can’t fit four people in it, though.” -Jon (4 stars)
“Great quality, but its not for 4 persons” -Gabriella (4 stars)
“Awesome boat for easy and fun fishing, but not for hunting. Good for relaxing.” -Marc (4 stars)
“Looking forward to many more years as Sevylor owners.” -Sandra (5 stars)

Despite the fact that there are few reviews on this boat, those who have reviewed it have nothing but positive things to say about it. While they note the same problem as the boat above – that four people are not going to fit- all seemed to agree it was a perfect boat for relaxing or fishing.

The reviews note that it is a quality boat and perfect for relaxing and fishing, which is what the boat is designed for. No one reported quality issues, holes, or leaks.

Coleman 6-Person

Read More Inflatable Boats Reviews“Strong and durable. It never leaks any air, I haven’t had to patch it. Worth every penny.” -kcastle24 (5 stars)
“Best bang for your buck… Will not hold 6 people but is quality and holds up very well.” -Timothy (4 stars)
“Smaller than expected. Cannot hold 6 people. Maybe 4.” -Rishi (3 stars)
“Good, inexpensive way to get off the beach and into the water.” -C. V. May (4 stars)
“Durable. Perfect for four people and a cooler.” -Robert (5 stars)

Critical reviews for this product centered around packing issues, size, and the lack of oars, a motor, or a pump, which is noted in the item’s description. As with the other two boats, people noted they could not fit six people into the raft, although some claimed it would be comfortable for two, others for four, which is largely a matter of perception and space needed.

Positive reviews for this item included quality and durability, previous good experience with the Coleman/Sevylor brand, and easy inflation and deflation. In general, people praised it as a good boat for the price, high quality, and easy to use for family trips and get-aways. Some noted they were able to easily mount and use a motor, and others stated it works well with oars sold by the same company.


Based off the reviews, while the Coleman 4-Person has the highest star rating, the number and quality of reviews for the Coleman 6-Person presented a fair but largely positive view of the craft. Since both are made by the same company, it is safe to assume the product is of equal quality and craftsmanship, although the Coleman 6-Person is constructed of a slightly higher-quality PVC.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter’s reviews praised it as a good boat for the price, and most of the negative reviews had to do with size. Size, for all three boats, should be a major factor in your decision. If you plan to take out more than two people, the Coleman 6-Person would most likely be your best bet, although size is largely a matter of perception and may depend on the amount of gear you have, as well as the presence of coolers or snack food.


All three inflatable fishing boats by Sevylor/Coleman are high-quality, durable crafts you can rely on for a day of fishing or recreational use on the water. Deciding between the three comes down to issues of price, space, and features.

As you make your decision, remember that you will have to buy oars or a motor to suit your needs. What type of oars or motor you buy will depend on your personal preference. The same is true for pumps, and the pump you buy will depend on your needs. All reviews indicate all three boats inflate quickly with an electrical pump, so you may want to invest in one if speed is important to you.

For those on a budget, the Sevylor Fish Hunter will most likely suit your needs, although some have noted you should not plan to take more than two people out on the water with you. The boat is crafted to last, and provides an alternative to more expensive models while still being reliable and safe. Reviewers also remarked on how little space it took up, so it’s perfect for those who don’t have room to store a large boat. If you want to take out additional gear, or have a large amount of fishing equipment, you may want to skip this boat. If you just need a small craft, this boat is likely perfect for you.

The Coleman 4-person is the smallest of the three inflatable fishing boats, but had the highest star rating according to’s users. It is also able to hold the motor with the highest horsepower at 4. If you want a higher-powered motor on a small craft, ideally suitable for two people, this could be the boat for you. Reviewers noted it was high quality and good for fishing or just relaxing, so if you and a friend or a partner are looking for a craft you can use anytime, this would be great for you.

The Coleman 6-Person is ideal for those looking for a little more space, with an extra 3 feet over the other two. Reviewers noted its quality and craftsmanship, and it is made out of the highest-gauge PVC out of the three items. Reviewers noted it was a great boat for its price point and easy to inflate and deflate, making getting into and out of the water quickly a breeze. If you’re considering a craft with a motor and room for four people or additional gear, this boat is probably the best choice for you.

Which boat you pick has more to do with your preference for space and number of occupants than it does with the boat itself. If you’re ready to get onto the water now, pick up any of these boats, oars or a motor, and a pump, and get ready to set sail in one of the top inflatable fishing boats of 2016.

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